It seems harder in your mind, but once you start working, it gets easy.

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Just like everyone, I wanted to have something of my own but it always looked too hard — too time-consuming. …

You will regret leaving people behind and there is nothing after death — it is all dark and gloomy.

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Warning: this article discusses suicide in detail. If you are feeling suicidal and need help you can contact Samaritans 24/7 by calling 116 123.

One of my feet followed the other quietly, and I could hear people talking —but they weren’t real. It was my mind creating them, and my…

How things used to be and how they are now— we aren’t the same people anymore.

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Dividing pieces of my heart as I write this down,

wondering if I will spat things out that made me drown.

From big circles of Ring around the Rosie,

I am spinning alone and feeling kind of dozy.

We were all innocent and had empty slates,

but things have changed…

Oksana Makar was brutally gang-raped, strangled, and burned alive — the world really ended in 2012

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Oksana Makar, an 18-year-old girl who was raised in Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine — in a male-dominated society, was living her usual life on the night of 8th March 2012. She was invited by two of her friends to their pal’s house — normal fun, a casual day in the life…

Having a marketing degree can add stars to your resume and land you a job that can make you earn pretty well.

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If you have a degree covering a range of businesses, social sciences, humanities, communications, digital technologies, then it can relate to marketing. Marketing provides a popular labor market for qualified graduates who can think strategically, create compliance, and produce measurable results. …

Don’t be that frog who sits in slowly boiling water and become the Steve Jobs of your time.

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs

You are probably reading this while you are either crouched somewhere in your bed, munching on some salad with extra dressing, or soothing your soul as your mouth crunches…

It has been more than a year and the virus still lingers between us

Golden tablets and syringes.
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Is this what you thought?

Remember when everyone was calmly settled at the end of 2019 just sipping their chocolate mocha and making new year’s resolutions — just thinking about how “2020 will be my Year”? To give a little insight, the hashtag of 2020 will be my year went semi-viral on many social media…

Being educated at home is better than not being educated at all

Mom teaching kid.
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“When the atmosphere encourages learning, the learning is inevitable.” ~ Elizabeth Foss

The chaos:

Yes, there is an outbreak going on — something we never really thought existed and somehow your kids have adapted how Peppa Pig is the ultimate love of Susie but is it really what we wanted them to…

The world isn’t the same and it won’t ever be.

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There is something changing — more than something:

Apart from people eating chocolate bars back to back and making grilled cheese sandwiches out of boredom, the other things people are eyeing these days are devastating deaths and a rapidly increasing number of cases around the world due to the spread of COVID-19. No matter how much you pretend…

Naba K.

A person who puts emotions, experiences, and opinions into her writing.

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